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Out of office until Monday, May 22nd

Please wait, by NaolitoHi Everyone! As you probably know, is a one man's orchestra thing, I do all the work, from design, website coding, production, customer service to shipping. The good thing about this is that I can take real care of the service and product I provide at Naolito, I've worked with third parties in the past and I'm not comfortable if I'm not handling the products myself anymore.

There's one big downside of being just a person though, I need holydays too! Starting this week, and untill May 22nd, I'll be traveling abroad, so excited! But this means that I won't be able to pack and ship any orders during that time.

In order to compensate you for your patience, all orders placed during this time will contain some free stickers from the villains need love characters, and 1 out of 10 will receive a free art print! Good luck!

Art Prints are here!

For a long time, t-shirts have been my best selling... actually my only product. But over the years, many people asked for different products with my designs. The kickstarter project I launched in 2016 was a great opportunity to test some of said new products, apart from Villains Need Love Book itself, like Pins, Stickers and Art Prints.

Pins, Stickers & Books

They all were a great success, but contrary to t-shirts, all of them come with considerable difficulties before you get to the point to be able to offer them, at least if you want to do it right.
For new products, quality control was a priority to me, so I decided to make them all close to me, so I am able to check and ship myself every single product that gets sold, I want to do my own photos, to pack and ship every single order to make sure can say I'm proud of the product I'm offering.

Villains Need Love Art Prints

I can say that all the mentioned above was worth the trouble! I already started offering pins, stickers and books a month ago and people who have received them are delighted, so now it's Art Prints time! I've made dozens of tests with different printers including different techniques, to ensure I was able to get the best print quality in the best support. It took some time and effort, but I finally did it!

Art Prints Detail
How to be famous art print

For the initial run, I selected some of my best selling designs, movie parodies, cute characters, and also some of my latest stuff. I hope to be able to include new designs in the following months.

You can see them all HERE. If there's an specific design you'd like to see printed as an art print, leave a comment!

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