#03 Production updates

It has been a month since ‘Homework’ campaign finished. During this time, I’ve been working on the characters and location development.

Eraser: different views of the character.

I want to share with you some of the sketches I’ve made: I would like create the cutest characters ever and get the most magical look form them, so I was working on some sketches to define their proportions:

Spencer, the tape dispencer, and the crayon box (sketches)

As you can see, I’ve tested different shapes for every character and I’ve worked on the creation of a cool classroom, including some tiny but important details… do you feel some nostalgia? Yes, me too! This process is very complex but I really enjoy it.

Testing lights and adding details to the classroom

Also, I’ve applied different lights to see how the characters will look at day and at night. It is very important to get an approach about this, as the light is very important to define the time and the tone of each scene, so I would like to be 100% sure that the characters materials look always cool.

Spencer (closeup)

Thank you for share it:

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