#02 The Crodwfunding Campaign

At this time, I would like to tell you why I decided to launch this project through Kickstarter:

This is an independent project as it gets. Naolito is just one person, with your support, you’re making it possible for me to dedicate full time to the creation of it, and if support is big enough, hiring additional professionals to make it get to the next level.

Early in the story scene – Storyboard

For the last year, I’ve been using my free time to give my characters an extra dose of life thanks to animation. It comes with a cost though, while the illustration is pretty straightforward, the animation is more complex and time-consuming. In addition to that, it’s harder to monetize, so it’s not easy to dedicate time to it, so I end up working for brands instead of dedicating more time to my characters. 

First sketches of Homework.

I must say that I really thank all the backers for all the support they gave me during the campaign. Also, the project was so popular on social media and I had a lot of support from Naolito followers, so I will keeping posting updates about Homework production and other aspects of the project.

To all the backers that make it possible.

‘Homework’ Kickstarter campaign was finally 149% funded. The project was supported by more than 700 backers and finally, we will produce a physical rewards collection, based on Homework characters, such as enamel pins, limited-edition art prints, stickers, etc.

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