#01 Homework: the project


Homework takes place in a regular school, when kids are at their homes, the objects that used to populate our pencil cases are free to be themselves. While they all want to have fun, they’re all very different, so they’ll need to learn how to work together.

Hi, Eraser!


Homework will be an animated 3D short film, based on an original comedy screenplay by Nacho Arjona. The story begins as a normal day for our main character, a regular pencil, who after some unexpected events, will need to get out of his comfort zone and go into an adventure far from his desk that will change the rest of his life.

Early in the story scene – Storyboard


Aside from the main characters, a pencil and an eraser, many other characters will make their appearance. Each of them has their own personality, role in their ‘society’ and more importantly, importance in the story: 

Homework Characters

At the beginning, Homework Crew will be joined by: Pencil, Eraser, the Crayons Box, Sticky (the glue bar), Ruler, Highlighter, Big Glue Bottle, Notepad, Spencer (the tape dispenser). During the production process, I will create a few more.

Meet Sticky, the glue bar (it is very shy!)

I’ll be the one doing all locations, assets, characters, animations, editing, music, etc. Even working alone, 3d is really expensive, this is the reason why most kids 3d shows look as plain and bad as they look, they cut corners in all areas, including rendering, to keep costs as low as possible. As I planned this project, all funds will go directly to render farm & software costs, in order to ensure we can get a short film that looks amazing. 

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