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    Hi everyone! I'm Nacho Diaz, a Spanish artist and illustrator.
    I was born in Cadiz, Spain and my career has been started during my university. I was studying to be a nurse but in that period I always found myself drawing on the manuals more than reading them so I decided that it was time to leave the curse (just before finishing the third year) and truly follow my passion. Art has always played a crucial role in my life since I was a kid I dreamed to be a professional illustrator so I took my chance and here we go!

    Naolito was founded in 2009, at first it was just a place where to share funny and cute pop culture designs and by doing this it acquired popularity especially in social media.

    With time I got 100.000 Instagram followers in 2017 and they kept growing till today with more than 350K followers and 30.000 likes each post. These numbers showed me the impact illustrations can have on people and the potential of them. Thanks to my followers I have had the chance to spread my voice and collaborate with different online magazines, blogs or companies like BoringPanda or YOROKOBU. The relationship with my fans is very close, I speak with them every time I can through my posts or stories, answering their questions and giving them advice. On the other side, they are very active in sharing with me their suggestions and support. I love having daily confrontations with them and when I need they always have a great movie to suggest me.

    All this has allowed me to realize one of my dream: to open my own online shop. After that, I felt like the next natural step was to build a real headquarter in a city I love.

    So in March 2017, I decided to create the first Naolito shop in Barcelona. Of course, nothing came that easy, I remember the opening day when none walked in for the first hour! I felt like the Broccoli in my illustrations (ahah).
    Now you can find me in Carrer Llibreteria n 18 Barcelona, close to Jaume I metro stop. This is my official shop and office as well, often you can find me there working on my new illustrations and if you do come inside and say Hello.