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      When I created Naolito 12 years ago, my initial goal was to create unique ideas and characters that would reach as many people as possible, my main focus is to create images and animations people can relate to. 
      Thanks that universality, I've been able to build a great fanbase that shares my work on a daily basis. Because of that, my approach to creativity is also very interesting for brands who want to appeal to wide audiences.

      Left: 3D design for creative toy / Right: Animation for Netflix
      Left: Stylized 3D preview for a toy / Right: 3D animation for Netflix

      During all this time I've had the opportunity to create audiovisual content and campaigns for brands all over the world. Here are some of them: Naolito + Brands

      I've never stopped developing my skills in order to be able to execute any potencial ideas properly. In addition to that, I've surrounded myself by a team of professionals in different fields to be able to create projects on any scale.

      I've created unique concepts and campaigns featuring 2D animation, 3D animation, illustration, custom toys, augmented reality, etc. So if you got this far, let's work together! Tell me about your project.